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01 février 2006

Fast Man / Raider Man lyrics

(Merci à Frank Black et à son fansite)

IF YOUR POISON GETS YOU (Frank Black) We heard it all/in halls of pain/it wasn’t good/There was a call /in baggage claim/it wasn’t good/She had a hunch/it wasn’t lunch/it wasn’t good/They drove a spike /into the punch/it wasn’t good/Heaven’s boys protect you/I am almost there/If your poison gets you/I will be on time/If you sink to madness/Say a little prayer/If your poison gets you/I am down the line/Now once again/to halls of pain/when will it end?/God’s machines/say its your genes/when will it end?/Why hast thou/forsaken me/again and again?/You always said/“When will it end?”/when will it end?

JOHNNY BARLEYCORN (Frank Black) Have you been to the fields?/Something there made me aftraid/Like dying younger/If the ground never yields/We will feel the hunger/Take him out with the seeds/Roll him on the barren ground/Mix blood and water/Do not doubt our every need/She will feed/look what we got her/Clear the way for Johnny Barleycorn/This is the day that surely he will be reborn/Bring down the blade on Johnny/He shall be the one that will be torn/Ringing out the new year/Sing out the names of the dead/Like Johnny Barleycorn/Give him a cheer/Hey/ Can you hear the newborn?

FAST MAN (Frank Black) Someone said I should leave/Shook my head/No no no/Tangled web that we weave/So I said/I will go/I’m a fast man/I go a thousand miles ‘fore I get me to sleep/You think I exaggerating, baby? That ain’t nothing to me/See me I’m gunning it just as fast as I can/I’m a fast man/Though I am such a fool/If I can I’ll be driving to the end/Here i am in Ullapool/I haven’t a plan/Just to turn me round again/I’m a fast man/Here I am, here I am,/I’m just lost again, everyday/Here I am outside Cheyenne/Trying to get back to sleep/Under the stars/Scenic view after dark/Full of fret as I weep/Listening to cars as they pull in for a park/In Cheyenne.

YOU CAN’T CRUCIFY YOURSELF (Frank Black) While I sit and think of another song that we can sing/You can fret and think of another wrong I did bring/And I can’t move the sun, babe, to make you shine/I’m the only one who can say that this light is mine/I think I’ll close my eyes while you snap/Where’s my map? I think I’ll go/And did you know?/You can’t crucify yourself/No, that takes two/Maybe you could use some help/And if you do/just say you do/Every pickle comes from cucumber/You don’t have to act appalled/Where’s my door and where is my number/I’m lost in these hallsAnd I’m not saying I don’t like your carrion/But your preacher’s pride is just like Marion/And when I felled a bird then you’d laugh at your half that you let rot/now, doll, here’s thought/You can’t crucify yourself.

WANDERLUST (Frank Black) When the wheels hit the road/When cryin’ mode makes you feel on the brink/Tis of you that I think/When the plane takes me far/And you are going insane/So it seems/Tis of you that I dream/When the ship leaves the bay/And you stay in the slip/Far behind/It is you on my mind/When the train takes me far/And you are going insane/Like your caught/You’re in my every thought/When my shoes start to walk/And you’re knocked out and blue/It is you that I love/It is you.

SEVEN DAYS (Frank Black) Seven days will get you there/Seven plates of bone/I won’t pray to get me there/Get there on my own/Goin’ yonder where I was born/The place where I was partly raised/Have you been to Boston Town/The place where I was born?/Seven days will get you there/Seven plains of corn/Lord knows I’ve been all around/Roaming all around these plains/On my way back home from seven years/In seven days/Seven winters blown like seven players/Who had no cheer/Seven summers grown the seven ways to all my tears/On my way back home from seven years in seven days.

RAIDER MAN (Frank Black) All my life I’ve been digging Polish black coal/It wasn’t much but you know I could play that role/They laid me off and so I kept my pail/And now I wait in bushes down by the rail/Raiderman/got no choice about it/Raiderman/jumping up, there on it/Raiderman/gonna take a little bit now/They hired me back and traded my pail for a stick/And now I chase the ones with a pail and a brick/I chased my cousin, it wasn’t no big deal/I lost my legs when I slipped beneath the coal train wheel/My cousin tries to put something in my bowl/And now I wish I never left that darkened hole.

THE END OF THE SUMMER (Frank Black) A house is made of mortar and wood/Yet sinks in the mud to decay/A house becomes a ghost in the heart/Of those who have gone far away/A town is born of silver and stone/And beaten to sand by the tide/A town becomes a mark on the soul/Of those who will cross that divide/Come unto me, we’ll lie in the grass/We won’t be ashamed/Summer will pass/Felling a tree to hide from the wild/Weaving the reeds to cover our child/Save me/The ghost in my heart/Save me/The mark on my soul/Save me/The end of the summer/Save me/I’m not feeling whole/A clan is made of marriage and blood/The jourmey is our only prize/And if a clan is rent into two/You still have her lips and his eyesThis place is made of water and rock/Yet burns in the pyre of the star/My love for you is stronger than that/I’ll find you wherever you are/A house is made of wood/A town is born of stone/A clan is made of blood.

DOG SLEEP (Frank Black/Reid Paley) You took me down into the valley/I didn’t know you were so deep/You left me standing at the river every time/Now I’m gettting that dog sleep/But I could not leave/I’m getting that dog sleep/But I could not leave/Every day I look around/Then I put my head back down/I’m living on dog sleep/But I could not leave/I’m living on horse meat/But I could not win/I’m living on horse meat/But I could not win/Every day I’m back in town/Then I’m walking around and around/I’m living on horse meat/But I could not win/Little bird, come shine to meet me/Come out from beneath your wing/Let me hear you sing/Turn around, light up the morning/Little bird, where have you been/Every little thing/Let me hear you sing.

WHEN THE PAINT GROWS DARKER STILL (Frank Black) I am just a weary singer/Moving through this world of ills/Hark the choir of predecessors/When the paint grows darker still/Once I found a golden trumpet/In the mash of an old landfill/Now I play for the spirits/When the paint grows darker still/Winter waited in my garden/When the sun did refuse to shine/Honey bees all in a slumber/Skies filled up the sea/Falling down on me/See his eyes turn to stain glass/Head to toe in a black road kill/Here I am for your judgement/When the paint grows darker still.

I’M NOT DEAD (I’M IN PITTSBURGH) (Frank Black/Reid Paley) I don’t want you to worry, i’m okay/Just didn’t want you seeing me this way/We tried to talk about it but we didn’t understand/We never really talked much, anyway/I finally found a place all my own/A place where all good sinners can get stoned/I’ll keep my holy vision, you keep your stupid pride/you said I couldn’t make it on my own/But I’m not dead, i’m in Pittsburgh/And now I can’t get out of town/I’m not dead I’m in Pittsburgh/They got me all strung up, come cut me downLike the weeds in all the cracks/All my memories come back/Like some Alleghenny smack in the face/Its all just one big monkey house to me/Just living ain’t the same as being free/Don’t stop and think about it, it’ll only make you sad/Come put me out my misery/Cuz I’m not dead, I’m in Pittsburgh/Where a man can lose his mind/I’m not dead, i’m in Pittsburgh/They got me suited up for crazy times.

GOLDEN SHORE (Frank Black/Reid Paley) So long I’ve been abiding in dark before the dawn/Come a time to even up the score/You can meet me in the morning/I’ll drink you in like wine/I ain’t never gonna see you anymore/Anymore, anymore/I ain’t never gonna be here anymore/You can meet me in the morning/I’ll drink you in like wine/I ain’t never gonna see you anymore/You know that time’s a-wasting/The sun is very high/I need to find a way to heaven’s door/You can hear me when you’re sleeping/I’ll be whistling in the wind/I’ll see you on that distant golden shore/Golden shore, golden shore/I’ll see you on that distant golden shore/Can you hear me when you’re sleeping?/I’ll be whistling in the wind/I’ll see you on that distant golden shore.

IN THE TIME OF MY RUIN (Frank Black) In the time of my ruin/At the museum I met a curator/She was so nice, I thought I would date her/I was a hawk and I just flew in/In the time of my ruin/I did not know you would be created/Now every day I am elated/Cuz you never know what is brewing/Some pain is good/Sometimes its good to be blind/Some pain feels good/That’s the pain that’s just the right kind/You didn’t know I was a shoe-in/And you didn’t know it was my hour/And you didn’t know that I had the power/In the time of my ruin/They’re caving in the roof/It is falling all around/The floor is going, too/Soon I will be falling on down.

DOWN TO YOU (Frank Black/Reid Paley) I took your hand/The world was young/Now you’re the smoke/And I’m the lung/The sea was full/It’s empty now/And there you were/I don’t know how/It’s so sad, it’s so sad/It’s too bad we bought this/It’s down to you/It’s down to you/It’s down to you/and though its not true, it’s down to you/It was raining like the end of the world/under covers we were children curled/Or were we ancients who bumped our heads and never got out of bed?/Tell me, baby, everything I know/Its not as if we have another place to go/You told me once and you told me real nice/This is paradise/It’s down to you/Sure as I’m blue, it’s down to you.

HIGHWAY TO LOWDOWN (Frank Black) Well me and my friend we walked to the split/Then I headed on home and he headed outbound/I didn’t listen to him/But you can take it from Jim/It’s a highway/It’s a highway/Highway to lowdown/If you’re tired, why don’t you just go to sleep/and if you’re wired I’ll be your brother, you can be my keep/And all these fires, Jim, they just keep following you around/You can’t get found if you’re anything like my good friend James/He wasn’t even underground, I think he was playing all them faster games/I bet you can’t slow down/You’ll be a running man while you pray/Its a highway/Some call it a road and some call it a street/Well say what you will, it leads right out of town/To a desolate land/It will mess up your plans/It’s a highway to lowdown.

KISS MY RING (Frank Black) If you knew what I’ve forsaken/Have you seen me in my gown?/Heavy head that wears the crown/Spilled my seed upon the ground/Go tell on the mountain/If you think I’m mistaken/Bathe here in the fountain/With the accountant/Kiss my ring/I am the greatest/Kiss my ring/Now let it linger/Kiss my ring/Now here’s the latest/Kiss my ring/The magic finger.

MY TERRIBLE WAYS (Frank Black) My terrible ways/they got me in jail/Where some did succeed/I always did fail/But I thought I was fine to wait for the day/When I’d paid for my terrible ways/My terrible ways/They came to and end/when a mighty deluge freed the criminal men/But I stayed in Mississippi/and three souls I saved/and so ended my terrible ways/Terrible ways, terrible ways/sooner or later a criminal pays/And I’ll never have enough, enough/to pay this off/My terrible ways/the govenor forgave/on account of three souls and account of the wave/that took my wife and baby and swept them away/all ‘cause of my terrible ways/Terrible ways, terrible ways/sooner or later I know I’m going to pay/And I’ll never have enough, enough/to pay this off.

FITZGERALD (Frank Black) It’s sad to see your art hanging on the wall/So many pictures there/Yours the best of all/I like the Indian/The one in ballpoint ink/In ancient Massachusettes long before you called/You traded him and many others for a drink/You fingers thick from hammers/Well it really makes you think/And then my father would fill your glass so tall/When I was a kid I gophered in your crew/Always a kind word/and you showed me what to do/and living hammered, well its always hit or miss/but through your cigarette-stained beard/your love rang true/And tho’ you are so loved it had to come to this/You got shut off because you always stink of piss/And now you drink someplace where no one bothers you/Oh, Fitzy.

ELIJAH (Frank Black) Wish I was back there in New England/playing in dirt behind the bar/our shouting voices intermingling with “Little Little Willy” from the car/On the raft down in the harbor/trying to push eachother in/Waving hi to all the fisher boys/going to deep-sea with their kin/Better go see Elijah/Cuz he’s my only friend/Yeah, there’s only us two/It’s just us in the end/Better go see Elijah/got nothing to say/but I know that’s okay/Go see him now,/go see him now/what’s that you say?/On the bus down to Redondo/we’ve got enough for single fare/skating back down to the condos/breathing in that dirty air/Well you were right to never go back/if I had only done the same/Too many years I kept on trying to win that California game/Wish I was back there in New England /playing in dirt behind the bar/I hear our voices intermingling with “Little Little Willy” from the car/On the cliffs above the Blue Coast/was that the last time we were free?/and where has everybody gone to?/or was it only you and me?/Better go see Elijah/I got something to say.

IT’S JUST NOT YOUR MOMENT (Frank Black) We danced down on the sand/Was least a million bands/There was something about the light/From the fires on the shore/to Darin at the Troubador/holding us in his hand that night/It’s just not your moment/cuz that moment is gone/it’s just not your moment/now the light has moved on/The smell of heaven sent/was everywhere you went/but sweet blues went straight to hell/Goodbye my go-go girls/my aggravation pearls/hear the echo in the shell/This is just not your moment/I hear Paris is now/it’s just not your moment/We’re all criminals now/The last time that we kissed/how you say, en parlance/you won’t be sorely missed, no/Gun to my head, got to get moving.

THE REAL EL REY (Frank Black) We made the scene/at the real El Rey/or so they say/so many claimed to be king/i’m going back to Manchester England/I’m gonna learn me to sing/but I’ll beware out there/on the English moor/where so many claim to be king/I’m gonna be the king/I’m going down there to Globe-Miami/I’m going up on the heaps of slag/cuz a bottle of cold Bohemia/that’s the best water I ever had.

WHERE THE WIND IS GOING (Frank Black) I don’t have time for your tears/it’s kinda hard to explain/I got a bird in my brain/I got a dog in my ear/I could be gone for a year/Where the wind is going/Indiana or Spain/Where the wind is going/I cannot get in that line/get to my suffering on time/I hear the whistling outside/I think you think its a witch/she’ll be scratching my itch/she’ll be brushing my hide/I think I’ll go for a ride/Through the barleycorn/through the rows of places I was born/into Babel’s maze/in that dark design/where the neon red of exit signs/leads my simple gaze/Down that river side/where from loneliness I often died/and so many times I will be raised.

HOLLAND TOWN (Frank Black) I used to see you at the Ratskellar/sarcasm of a young feller/tall and mean between the pillars/before you drowned/in a Holland town/you were still the muscle man/when I saw you in a nether land/alcohol and speed were friends/you cycled around in a Holland town/the old pea coat is loose upon your frame/your handshake is strong but you look so short/and your face distorts/you speak no more of someone to blame/was it here below the sea leve/you set adrift your rock and roll/and you got on the dole/you lost your love to some clever devil?/I’m sorry to hear about your sister/she went to far down in the drain/she was trying to dull her pain/the North Sea now is so full of twisters/I want to see you at the Royal Al/I want to see you with some different pals/Don’t want to see you in a Holland town/Don’t want to see you in a Holland town.

SAD OLD WORLD (Frank Black) I know something about true love/I know something/It’s the kind of thing that you screw up/over some dumb thing/I don’t know anyone who doesn’t try to give it a whirl/you better hang on/cuz its a sad old world/cuz its a sad old world/don’t try to tell me its gonna be alright/I know something about sickness/I know something about that now/there’s nothing you can do except witness/no there’s nothing you can do/and when the petals on the flower start to curl/well you better hang on, now,/ you better hang on/cuz its a sad old world/cuz its a sad old world.

DON’T CRY THAT WAY (Frank Black) Years flew away/I saw her standing there/our last parking lot/cuz we didn’t have a prayer/liquid roses trying to confess/don’t cry that way, don’t cry that way/little girl I feel so helpless/The city far below/I let a river pour/in our corner room of glass/we had a sad contest/beneath your skin you found two rivers more/don’t cry that way/Do they know as they fight their way upstream/have they a reason to know why?/here we go into the analyzer’s dream/and when we get there do we die?/Hey brother count the ways that I am blessed/but I am cursed with your image as a child/silently like chicklets in the wild/don’t cry that way, don’t cry that way/little boy I feel so helpless.

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