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05 mai 2011


News de mardi sur http://blackfrancis.net/ :

"2011 looks to be an exciting year filled with a bunch of great releases!

Black Francis & Reid Paley recently recorded an album in a few days in Nashville, titled “THEY WALK BY NIGHT”, it will be released this year and distributed by our friends at Sonic Unyon in Canada. Track listing as follows:

1. Curse On You
2. Last Song
3. Crescent Moon
4. Praise
5. Ugly Life
6. Deconstructed
7. Magic Cup
8. Country Song
9. Seal
10. On the Corner

More news forthcoming."

Un nouvel album de Black Francis donc, enregistre en quelques jours a Nashville avec Reid Paley et qui s'appellera "They Walk By Night". Sortie prevue en 2011, plus d'infos prochainement...

Vivement :) !

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