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08 mai 2006

Fast Man / Raider Man en avant-première

A compter d'aujourd'hui, Cooking Vinyl invite fans et curieux à découvrir chaque semaine un nouveau titre du onzième opus solo de Frank Black, attendu dans les bacs le 19 juin prochain. Cette semaine : If Your Poison Gets You, la première chanson de l'album, à mon avis un très possible single...

IF YOUR POISON GETS YOU (Frank Black) We heard it all / in halls of pain / it wasn’t good /There was a call / in baggage claim / it wasn’t good / She had a hunch / it wasn’t lunch / it wasn’t good / They drove a spike / into the punch / it wasn’t good / Heaven’s boys protect you / I am almost there / If your poison gets you / I will be on time / If you sink to madness /Say a little prayer / If your poison gets you / I am down the line / Now once again / to halls of pain / when will it end? / God’s machines / say its your genes / when will it end? / Why hast thou / forsaken me / again and again? / You always said / “When will it end?” / when will it end?

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