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16 mai 2006

His Kingly Podcast

Oyez, oyez bonnes gens, le septième podcast de Frankblack.net est à votre disposition depuis ce matin. Il inclut au moins deux raretés : Tossed en version live, interprété en mai 1993 par un Frank Black tout frais (il venait de commencer sa carrière solo), et la première version de His Kingly Cave, qui - à ma connaissance - n'avait encore jamais fait l'objet d'une diffusion officielle.

Episode 7 (durée : 34 mn)

1. Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom, 29 mai 1993 - Tossed (live)
2. Trompe Le Monde - The Sad Punk
3. Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - His Kingly Cave
4. Doog - The Lazy W
5. FrankBlackFrancis - Is She Weird
6. Black Letter Days - End of Miles
7. Teenager of the Year - Pie in the Sky

Et comme un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul, Cooking Vinyl vient de mettre en ligne un nouveau titre de Fast Man / Raider Man : Fitzgerald.

FITZGERALD (Frank Black) It’s sad to see your art hanging on the wall / So many pictures there / Yours the best of all / I like the Indian / The one in ballpoint ink / In ancient Massachusetts long before you called / You traded him and many others for a drink / Your fingers thick from hammers / Well it really makes you think / And then my father would fill your glass so tall / When I was a kid I gophered in your crew / Always a kind word / And you showed me what to do / And living hammered, well its always hit or miss / But through your cigarette-stained beard / Your love rang true / And tho’ you are so loved it had to come to this / You got shut off because you always stink of piss / And now you drink someplace where no one bothers you / Oh, Fitzy...

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